Girlfriends Films Releases 'Mommy's Boi'

RESEDA, Calif. — "Mommy's Boi," the new title from lesbian-content studio Girlfriends Films, veers from the studio's usual romantic tone into depictions of forced masculinization.

"It's a lifestyle that has been out there for a long time, but it is mostly a younger group of lesbians, from 18 to early 20s," Girlfriends Films PR and events manager Autum Moon told XBIZ. "They call them 'bois.' They wear the baggy clothes with the drawers hung low, almost like a gangbanger look. They do a lot of chest binding, that sort of thing. They really want to look like boys.

"They pair up with older women."

"Mommy's Boi" adds a twist by having the older women, Cindy and Magdalene, force the masculinization on the younger women.

"In the real world there are women like that," Moon said. "They're seductive, they're pushy, that want that feeling of a boy — but knowing that it's a girl. That's where we got that from."

The Girlfriends Films newsletter warned the studio's fans that they "may find 'Mommy’s Boi' to be shocking or even disturbing" and listed the differences between the new title and the usual offerings from the studio.

"What to expect: loaded with kink; humiliation; femmes forced to dress as bois complete with fly-front underwear, jockstraps and artificial penises; domination/submission and punishment; lots of strap-on.

"What not to expect: lingerie, romance, tenderness"

The "boi" actresses had different reactions to the subject matter.

"Dana DeArmond always is looking to challenge herself and expand herself, and do something that's kinky and different. She loves that," Moon said. "From what I understand, it's something that Claire Adams is into, so for her it wasn't a big deal. Samantha Ryan was the only one who had a time with it, that they wanted to bind her and put her in boy's clothes."

With five scenes running more than four hours, "Mommy’s Boi" is Girlfriends Films’ first two-disc set. Although the company initially assumed that the video would have a limited audience of hardcore lesbians, the curiosity of those outside the lesbian world gave the production word-of-mouth publicity before its official release. Moon reports that sales are good and reactions are positive.

"So far we've gotten a really good response from it," Moon said. People either really like it, or they say 'This is really freaky' — but they still like it.

"Depending on the response, we may make another set."

"Mommy's Boi" is available now.