Offers Flat Payout on Each Member Sign-Up

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —AEBN/NakedSword announced today that its affiliate program would offer affiliates a flat payout of $25 for every signup they send to the NakedSword membership site.

"This is a great opportunity for webmasters," AEBN Director of Sales Ana Goforth said. "NakedSword is the leader in the gay market and its membership site is loaded with exclusive content that surfers can't find anywhere else. No other membership site offers the range of high-quality content that NakedSword can."

The new flat payment option will be offered alongside the previous revshare offer from the program, giving affiliate webmasters a choice of receiving payouts as soon as members join the website.

Recently,’s affiliate program was absorbed by AEBN following the 2007 merger between the companies.

For more information, or call (800) 628-0241.