LodgeNet Adds More New Media, Connectivity Products

SIOUX FALLS, S.D — Hotel room pay-per-view supplier LodgeNet introduced a suite of new media and connectivity products.

The products include video-on-demand (VOD) Basic, a more economical digital-to-the room (D2R) VOD solution, IPTV Advanced, an IP-based high definition VOD solution, free-to-guest (FTG) Basic, a streamlined satellite TV solution that provides a wide variety of high-definition TV channels to hoteliers.

Lastly, the high-definition (HD) Built-in Program that allows a select arrangement of television manufacturers to integrate the company’s in-room terminals, designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

The company spent the better part of last year focusing on expanding its product portfolio despite being the target of a family-values group for offering adult entertainment. LodgeNet offers movie services in 1.9 million hotel rooms at 10,000 properties worldwide.

The recent additions to the company are intended on servicing all needs of guest-based businesses from luxury to economy.

"As technology changes, LodgeNet will continue to lead in developing innovative and reliable new solutions based on a clear vision of the future direction of media and connectivity for the hospitality industry,” said Scott Young, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of LodgeNet. “And as we continue to broaden our product portfolio, we remain clearly focused on helping our customers meet the unique and specific media and connectivity needs of their different property segments."