Elite Male Will Release Visconti Triplets Debut Title

LOS ANGELES — The much talked-about Visconti Triplets will debut as exclusive models for gay production company Elite Male in the blockbuster release “Brotherhood Secrets.”

"The Triplets are the hottest property in gay adult video," said Andrew T., Elite Male executive producer.

"Our phones are constantly ringing with people wanting to know when the first movie is coming out and how they can find out more about it,” Andrew T said. “The imminent release of ‘Brotherhood Secrets’ is just the beginning of a long relationship between the Visconti Triplets and Elite Male."

The boxcover and trailer for “Brotherhood Secrets” is now available on the Visconti Triplets’ newly launched blog website, as well as expanded photo galleries of the almost-identical brothers.

The Visconti Triplets official membership site is slated to go live on June 1, and will feature exclusive photos and video.

"The fans at home will fall in love with their natural, muscular builds," Andrew T said. "They look alike, of course, but by the end of ‘Brotherhood Secrets,’ fans will see that each of them is different in his personality, and they each have their own distinct physical traits. ‘Brotherhood Secrets’ is the perfect introduction to the first gay triplets ever filmed in the adult porn industry — and a perfect way for fans to find out which one of the three they like the best."

The video will be available for preorder on June 1 through TLA Video. For sales information, contact Michael at (818) 678-2960 or email mfooks@inxcess.com.