ACDL Steps Up Game to Eliminate Piracy

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The Animation Co-op Defense League (ACDL), a consortium of adult anime distributors and studios, has reported major progress in reducing the propagation of websites illegally hosting and selling unlicensed content.

ACDL Director and Adult Source Media President Wendy Crawford said that so far this year the group has successfully shut down a total of 10,738 infringers, including 5,006 movie file-sharing links, 2,123 picture file-sharing links and 3,609 blog posts.

“Last year we collectively decided to group our resources; to band together and take the offensive against anyone and everyone throughout the world stealing our content,” Crawford said. “We have expedited the process of shutting down illegal operators. By taking these actions we have received a tremendous amount of support from many legitimate web site operators, affiliates and fans. With the creation of the ACDL, together all of the U.S.-based Hentai distributors and studios as well as the Japanese production studios houses are working together to combat this problem.

“We have already taken immediate legal action against those who are stealing our content deriving revenue from our materials without a license. We all want to address this serious situation so we can continue to deliver content programming to the legion of fans who deserve the best entertainment available.”

Crawford believes that’s the group’s success so far comes from strength in numbers. The organization has retained legal counsel that specializes in web piracy and intellectual property litigation.

“Every day we speak with websites, tube sites and affiliate programs, who have knowingly or unknowingly displayed content that they do not have the rights for,” Crawford said. “We have discovered that some of them were misinformed and want to legally comply with the Co-op’s members to obtain legitimate licenses to resell the material.”

To contact the group, email