Inks Exclusive Deal With Sexpert Tracey Cox

LONDON — Television sex expert and author Tracey Cox has brought her Supersex line of adult products to British online retailer Formerly available only at, the line will be showcased on LoveHoney, along with sex tips and advice from Cox.

Two new products have been introduced to the line, to coincide with the exclusive deal.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is small, yet powerful, according to Cox, and waterproof as well.

"Bullets are brilliant," Cox said. "They're tiny enough to take anywhere and discreet in design so they don't look like a vibrator. Best of all, they deliver delectably intense vibrations to just about anywhere you fancy. "

An example of tips offered by Cox for the new bullet includes recommendations for its use by couples.

"Try holding one alongside your partner's tongue during oral sex or on the clitoris while he uses his fingers,” Cox explained. “The adventurous will also find it perfect for wicked teasing in all sorts of exciting places."

The second addition to the line is the Tracey Cox Supersex Massager. Designed with a stylized shape in a phalate-free material, the vibrator is 6 inches long, multispeed and comes in pink.

"The rounded head and easy-to-hold shape are what makes massager vibrators so potent and popular, plus they’re versatile, powerful and perfect for stimulating all the hotspots." Cox said. "Use the Supersex Massager directly on the clitoris or your most sensitive parts but if that feels too intense, tease around the sides. Orgasms with a strong vibrator happen quickly, so stop and start to make the experience last longer."

Cox is a former associate editor at Australian Cosmopolitan magazine, and has appeared on Oprah, CNN and The Today Show. Well known in Europe, she has also authored several books including “Hot Sex: How to Do It” and “Sex Inspector’s Masterclass.”

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