The XBIZ Weekly Tech Roundup

Every Thursday, XBIZ offers adult webmasters a roundup of the latest news and innovations from the world of technology, online and offline.

This week features a new way to clone Twitter's functionality, a new search engine for social-networking websites and other news.

Search Multiple Social-Networking Sites

For users who need to do lots of searches across multiple social-networking websites, has joined the quest to provide that service. Over the last couple of months, the site has rolled up about 2 million unique visitors and 6 million page views.

Other competing sites include and

Tiny, Modular Phones for Everyone

A startup company in Israel has recently secured $100 million in venture capital:

The company manufactures tiny, modular phones that can be slipped into existing devices like an MP3 player or a GPS.

New BlackBerry Available

T-Mobile confirmed a rumor that it would add the BlackBerry 8820 to its lineup, which means that T-Mobile customers will be able to buy a BlackBerry that has both a GPS and WiFi capability.

Buy A House Online Anyone in the market to buy a house has a new alternative to realtors or brokers:

More Competition for Digg, the premier social bookmarking website, has a new competitor in, which is promising to move breaking news to its homepage faster than Digg and its ilk.

Host Your Own Twitter

For any adult webmasters who feel compelled to add Twitter-like functionality to their adult sites – and who wouldn't? – a new script is now available that clones the popular social-networking site: