2000Charge.com to Provide Its Clients With New How-To Manual

CYBERSPACE — Starting this year, alternative processing company 2000Charge.com will provide its clients with a document filled with information about how to build an online business.

“As one of the oldest alternative billing companies in the adult industry, we have gained enormous amounts of experience in what really works for our merchants,” Raphael Berkien, 2000Charge.com’s business development officer said. “Often our clients ask us why they would need an alternative payment solution and we spend a good amount of time with them explaining the cons and pros of each product, but more importantly, once they have decided what billing solution will work best for them, we like to go the extra mile and provide them with a host of useful links, tips and suggestions to maximize their new billing solutions."

Berkien said that the numbers back up his claims about his company's success.

"[O]ur stats on conversions for our merchants show the real results, and it is those numbers that really count," he said. "Especially merchants that are new to the industry will not only find our alternative billing solutions and services useful but also invaluable to help them grow their business."

2000Charge.com is a PCI Level 1 certified processor and a 2006 XBIZ Awards winner for best alternative processing company. The company was also nominated for the same prize in 2008.

For more information, email 2000Charge.com's sales department.