VideosZ Upgrades Stats Reporting, Promo Tools

TRENTON, N.J. — announced today the release of a completely redesigned webmaster user interface, with new traffic-reporting functions and promotional tools to aid affiliates in marketing the site’s extensive adult video library.

According to Clement, owner of, the new interface and tools are part of an effort to maintain the significant market share the site has attained in recent years.

“We felt comfortable that VideosZ was already well positioned in the adult market, but for us feeling comfortable isn’t good enough,” Clement said. “We know that we have to work harder to stay on top than we did to reach the top. These new tools demonstrate our continued commitment to our affiliates. We look forward to seeing these new systems put to their best use by webmasters everywhere.”

The most eye-catching of the enhanced promotional tools is the “video wall” generator, which enables VideosZ affiliates to easily create a Flash-based preview of multiple videos offered by the site. The result is a visually impressive presentation that proved to be a click magnet for surfers during its testing phase, according to Clement.

“It lets our affiliates make their own Flash-based wall of scenes within a simple drag and drop interface and seamless integration of our movie clips into whatever their web design might be,” Clement said. “Surfers can watch these clips on mouse-over and click through them directly to any of our thousands of niche targeted pages. We have tested this new feature extensively and the increase in click-through traffic as compared to other gallery options is very significant.”

The new reporting options include accompanying charts and graphs, but what will really stand out for serious webmasters is the ease of sorting the large volume of data made available on the VideosZ affiliate site, Clement said.

“Anyone who has worked with VideosZ before has good reason to expect these custom improvements to be top quality, and anyone who is new to VideosZ should take a few minutes to look the site over,” Clement said. “We honestly believe it is simpler, cleaner and easier to use than any of the ‘out of the box’ backends that most other affiliate programs are using these days.”

In addition to the new promo tools and stats reporting options, VideosZ has also announced $50 per signup bonus days slated for March 2-4, and that the same $50 rate will be paid every Wednesday of every month to encourage affiliates to put the new tools to good use.

“The point is, whether you want better promotional tools, a more expansive set of data reports to help target your traffic, or a fat bonus for your sales, VideosZ is constantly working to improve our ability to offer you all three,” Clement said.

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