TANC TV to Be Streamed on XTube, YuVuTu

NEW YORK — Adult media site TANC (The Adult News Channel) has arranged to be streamed on new channels on XTube, YuVuTu and Free Stream TV. TANC also is in discussions with video-sharing site EnAddict.com to present TANC shows.

"I know all four companies and owners very well and they are all going above and beyond for us," TANC owner Joe Brandi said. "We have exclusive rights with them and they will have everything on TANC available to them at all times. They will be a major part in the success of TANC TV and radio and this is also great news for our sponsors and advertisers as well as they will get amazing exposure."

TANC TV also will be opening its stream for selected websites that meet certain criteria.

"Who we choose will depend on a few key factors, but it will be very simple for all websites to submit their applications," Brandi said. "With just the four companies we have selected already we should have enough exposure to get the name out there to the masses pretty quickly."

TANC will be releasing its TV schedule shortly, and Brandi promises "an interesting lineup."

"I think people are going to be very pleased with who we are bringing aboard, and I know the shows will be top notch" said Brandi.

For more information, visit the TANC TV website or email info@tanctv.com.