Industry Veteran JoeD Blogs for XBIZ

CYBERSPACE — JoeD, for many years one of the primary driving forces behind Klixxx Magazine, has joined the team of respected industry figures blogging for XBIZ.

Entitled B2B With JoeD, the blog launched today with observations on the dating and social networking markets, as well as tips on finding content for non-adult sites.

JoeD, who now serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Webbilling, told XBIZ that he’s excited to be back at the keyboard, blogging about the biz.

“As an early proponent of the blogging phenomenon, I am excited to participate in this high-profile b2b extension of the blogging format in the adult industry,” JoeD said.

JoeD joins a roster of XBIZ bloggers that includes Brandon Shalton of, Gram Ponante of, Colin Rowntree of, Stephen Yagielowicz of XBIZ, Scott Rabinowitz of TraffiDude and XBIZ Publisher Tom Hymes.

“I can’t wait to read Joe’s blog,” Hymes said. “I happen to know that Joe has a lot of pent-up anger, which I’ve been trying to stoke ever since he said he was interested in writing a blog. I’m hoping that we get to witness a Vesuvius of sorts — the unhinging of a gentleman. But seriously, Joe is certainly one of our most thoughtful citizens, and I have no doubt his entries will reflect his deeply felt opinions and beliefs, for the betterment of us all.”