KSEX Content Webcasting on Rude.com

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult social networking site Rude.com will begin webcasting a KSEX feed to its members today.

This marks one of the largest partnerships in KSEX history, providing Rude's reported 1.2 million members with KSEX content.

“Adding the KSEX-TV lineup is yet another colorful jewel in the Rude crown," Rude.com marketing manager Chandie Foster told XBIZ. "It not only serves our members by providing them with fresh, cutting-edge entertainment, but also helps Rude in touch with the adult entertainment industry. It’s a great partnership and one that we are very excited about.”

Rude.com offers user-created and -uploaded video, both live and recorded, and still-image content along with Rude personal profile pages. Since its November launch, Rude.com has grown to a reported 1.2 million registered members and continues to add new features.

”Working with a company like Rude.com is very exciting," KSEX Vice President Joe Brandi said. "Rude.com has a vast audience with over 6.5 million page views a day. Not only is this going to greatly increase the viewership of KSEX but also gain a ton of exposure for our sponsors and advertisers. This is going to take KSEX to the next level quickly. We look forward to a long and successful relationship."

For more information, visit KSEX.com and Rude.com.