LoveHoney 'Rabbit Amnesty' Rescues 1,000 Vibes

BATH, England — Online adult toy retailer has recycled more than 1,000 used rabbit vibes since its Rabbit Amnesty recycling program launched in mid-August.

LoveHoney's Ruth Wilkinson told XBIZ that the company started the recycling program as a result of a recently implemented national waste management regulation aimed at reducing the environmental impact of waste electronic equipment.

Understanding that even old electric vibrators can release toxins and pollute the environment when tossed in a landfill, LoveHoney encouraged its customers to send to it their old and used vibrators for easy, hassle-free recycling.

In return, LoveHoney offers each customer a new rabbit vibrator for half price.

"As a sex toy company, we have a responsibility to our customers and also the environment to ensure that our products are disposed of properly," Wilkinson said. "Rabbit Amnesty is just the beginning."

Wilkinson said the old toys are sent to more than 1,000 Designated Collection Facilities, where with the help of SWEEEP, a specialist waste electrical and electronic equipment processor, they are broken down and recycled in an ecologically sound manner, in compliance with European Union Waste Electrical Equipment Regulations introduced July 1.

After the vibrators are pulverized by a special grinding machine, the materials are sorted using magnets, machines and man power and the different mixes of plastics, rubbers and metals then are sent to designated facilities where the materials are used to create new products.

Wilkinson said the recycled rabbit vibes can become almost anything once recycled, and even can be melted down to create ball bearings for steel products, such as cutlery and car frames.

"Although some people might think it's strange to recycle sex toys, rabbit sales are growing every year and we don't want old ones dumped in landfill sites across the country," LoveHoney head buyer Bonnie Hall said. "Rabbit Amnesty will take embarrassment out of the equation and give people the chance to dispose of their rabbits in an environmentally friendly way."

Recently one of the recycling center's workers brought in a video camera and recorded the Rabbit Amnesty recycling process from start to finish, showing the world what happens after they leave their old pink and purple vibrators at the plant.

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For more information about Rabbit Amnesty, visit the program's information website.