Director Will Ryder Preps Adult Musical

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — On the heels of the successful "Not the Bradys XXX," director Will Ryder is prepping for an adult movie musical, "Porn: the Musical."

Ryder has come full circle since the days of being a touring keyboard player for a number of internationally famous pop bands.

“If we didn’t have fun doing this, I’d go back to the music industry," Ryder said. "We get to choose our projects and make whatever our imagination calls for come true. It’s like being Walt Disney but without the monorail. It’s really a great position to be in as a director and producer and we’re fortunate to be here,” he said.

“The Will Ryder movies have all been very successful for our Bad Seed label and all have done well internationally,” Adam & Eve’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Peter Reynolds said. “The product is fun and very well-received not only in the U.S. but in foreign territories because it has top-notch production every time.”

After the colossal failure nearly seven years ago of Ryder’s and production partner Scott David’s first movie attempt, it is even more impressive to see that the table has completely turned.

“We made that first awful movie and didn’t make another for almost five years. Every idiot with a camera thinks he’s a director and I was one of those guys. I’m really glad we got better,” Ryder said.

With production deals in play with distributors Hustler Video, Adam & Eve and SexZ Pictures, Ryder and his fast rising X-Play label have earned a solid reputation for producing consistently great product that sells extremely well, a representative said.

“Everything that Will Ryder does is top-notch,” Hustler Video’s creative director Drew Rosenfeld said. "I’ve seen the growth curve and everything from our 'Barely Legal' brands that he produces to huge movies like 'Not the Bradys XXX' is great. Plus his movies sell and that’s no hype.”