Lucio Maverick Bottoms for 1st Time in 'Cruising'

NEW YORK — Unzipped magazine's Man of the Month for October, Lucio Maverick, bottoms for the first time on camera for Michael Lucas in "Cruising Budapest III: Lucio Maverick."

Lucas calls the scene "absolutely amazing. My favorite and best scene by far in my 12-year career."

Maverick, who lives in Hungary, has appeared in dozens of movies as a strict top. The Adam Gay Adult Directory 2007 said his "knockout face, sculpted bod and sizable dick have been courted by porn producers for years."

He and Lucas first met on the set of "Uncut Cock Pool Party," where Maverick performed as a top in a scene directed by Lucas. Maverick requested to do a scene with Lucas, but Lucas said it would only be possible if Maverick were to bottom for him. When Maverick finally agreed, Lucas knew it would be something special, according to a representative.

"I didn't realize how huge Lucio was in Europe until I got there," Lucas said. "He had always attracted me as a gorgeous and sweet man — a fantastic top — and when we finally shot our scene, I realized how spectacular a bottom he is too."

Their shoot lasted for an hour and included no less than five positions including Lucas' now-famous "helicopter" move, the representative said. Lucas said the scene flowed naturally and "every time I pulled out my dick I could nearly see his heart beating."

The cast also includes Hungarian performers Buck Monroe (who Maverick tops in a second scene), Chris Hacker, Steve Hunt, Flavio Valentino and Julian Veneziano, along with French performer Ludovic Canot and German performer Tim Kruger. The film was shot entirely on location in Budapest earlier this year.

"Lucio definitely stands out of the crowd of all the other performers I've met in Hungary," Lucas said. "I will continue working with him when I go back there to shoot more of this series later this week."

Already in the can for the popular series is "Cruising Budapest IV: Jonathan Vargas" and "Cruising Budapest V: The Mangiatti Twins" (featuring the twins simultaneously bottoming in the same scene) both set for release later this year.

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