Stormy Daniels Leads Candid Vixens Panel at LAEFF

Wicked Pictures contract star Stormy Daniels led a candid discussion of drugs, business strategy and sexual tastes at the Vixens Panel at the inaugural Los Angeles Erotica Film Festival Sunday afternoon.

The other panelists included Adam & Eve contract stars Ava Rose and Bree Olsen, and Déjà Vu contract performer Sunny Lane.

Daniels first touched on the topic of common misconceptions about the adult industry, and all the stars agreed that the business generally has an shady reputation it doesn’t always deserve.

“I thought it was going to be a lot sleazier,” Olsen said. “Like, just me and a sweaty pervert behind the camera. I mean, sometimes it is that – we’re all perverts, after all – but it really is just a professional environment usually.”

Lane added that most laypeople think that adult performers have to get “fucked up” or do drugs to do scenes, but that she never has. Olsen agreed that she loves sex and therefore enjoys adult work.

Daniels also said, “In my five and a half years in the business, I’ve never seen drugs on set.”

In the wake of a lively panel about classic porn, the Wicked star then asked her fellow stars to look back at the past of the adult industry, and how it’s changed over the years.

"Porn has done a complete 180,” Daniels said. “It was more sensual and erotic back [in the '70s], but now it's more aggressive and hardcore and – I hate to use this word – but dirty."

The four stars also talked about how they make business decisions about their careers, and Daniels said it came down to a simple decision.

"Do I do what's best for my bank account, or what's best for my image?"

Daniels closed the panel by asking the stars about their future plans. Daniels' upcoming big-budget comedy "Operation Desert Stormy" is nearing release, while Rose plans to continue as an Adam & Eve contract star indefinitely. Lane recently taped an appearance on the Fox News Channel program "Geraldo At Large," and Olsen said she plans to return to school in the spring to study biology with a pre-med emphasis.