Adult Source Media to Release 3-D Animated 'Pinks'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult Source Media is set to release the 3-D computer-generated imagery film "Pinks."

“'Pinks' is a groundbreaking 3-D CGI erotic thriller that mixes high-speed racing with pulse-pounding eroticism,” ASM President Wendy Crawford said. “'Pinks' is unlike anything that’s ever been produced by the adult industry before. This film is the first project to be released from our new 3-D animation production company.”

Director David Lord created a film more than 60 minutes in length that will appeal to a broad audience who are into eroticism, be it live action or animated, the company said.

The title also includes hip-hop-rock artist IGM providing the music from their CD “Invisible Phase One.”

"Fans are going to love the results of our efforts," Crawford said.

“We digitized the action in the most sophisticated mo-cap studio in Hollywood and hired top notch mainstream actors for the voice-overs," co-producer Jim Crawford said. "It took us a year and a small fortune to make 'Pinks.' We feel that by employing the latest tools and technology and hiring the best talent in animation, we have created a 3-D film that people will be talking about for a long time.”