Taormino's 'Chemistry 3' Locked and Ready for Release

NEW YORK — The third installment of Tristan Taormino's scriptless series "Chemistry" will hit streets Sept. 5, and Taormino told XBIZ that this edition takes sex on screen to a much deeper level.

Taormino said she chose her six cast members because of the way they think about and articulately discuss sexuality both on and off screen.

"If you really pay attention," Taormino said, "it's not like the other 'Chemistrys.' ['Chemistry 3'] takes everything to an entirely different level. Whether or not it's the same formula, the content changes with each new cast, and this cast and their connections and ability to talk about sex is way different than the others."

Jada Fire, Hillary Scott, Roxy DeVille, Christian, Derek Pierce and Steven St. Croix star in "Chemistry 3" and discuss topics that Taormino said she's never seen done before on screen — including trust, choking and how to negotiate sexual limits.

Taormino said she took a risk hiring DeVille and Pierce, who had never met before the shoot. Though she knew they were smart and opinionated, she said there was no way to know how — or if — the chemistry that Taormino's movies are known for would develop between them.

But, she said, that is one of the things that makes the "Chemistry" series stand out from other adult films. It's catching authentic moments, such as the first spark between sex partners, that makes the films real. And, she added, chemistry did flow between DeVille and Pierce.

Taormino said "Chemistry 3" features 3 1/2 hours of sex comprised of nine separate scenes shot in a pricey Bel-Air home, a location she said was worth the extra money.

"This was by far the most beautiful house that I've shot at," Taormino said. "It was bathed in sunlight. We definitely had lighting issues with 'Chemistry 1,' and those didn't exist in this one."

Scenes include a threesome, foursome, a cream pie and choking, and she said there's a spontaneous sex act in one of the scenes that was completely unplanned and caught her off guard.

"It was a totally weird freak occurrence," Taormino said. "All of a sudden you turn your head and there, someone's fucking. We caught it on tape."

Taormino said she's now in the editing stages of her next two Vivid-Ed "Expert Guide" titles, "Oral Sex, Part 2: Fellatio" and "The G-Spot." She said next in line for shooting is an expert guide to positions.