GameLink Offers Pick-Your-Own Scenes

SAN FRANCISCO — Online retailer and video-on-demand provider GameLink has launched GameLink Scenes , a function that allows users to skip scenes they don't want and get right to the good stuff.

GameLink edited and tagged more than 5,000 adult scenes in its database, encoded as short streaming video clips. Customers can search for specific scenes using a title, sex act, performer or keyword. Weekly "Most Watched" and "Highest Rated" features also are available for customers to make a quick search.

A GameLink representative said new scenes are added weekly, and are offered on a pay-per-minute basis. A password-protected library is available for each user, where he or she can save each purchase for easy access at a later date.

“It’s the killer app of porn-clip browsing,” GameLink Creative Director Alan Segal said. “Whether it’s quickly finding that one star or climactic moment they really want to see, or just having fun discovering new clips via links and tags, the feedback’s been great — users love it.”

Customers can log on, purchase minutes and then search through GameLink's library. The representative said the library also offers a list of GameLink editors' favorites that features reviews for each scene.