Bottle Rocket Babes Nominated For Top Fetish Site Award

FL – BRB Productions Inc. has announced that their flagship site, Bottle Rocket Babes, has been nominated for the Top Fetish Site Award at the Best Adult Awards Ceremony which will be held in Quebec City on September 4th during the QWEBEC EXPO Webmasters event, September 3-5, 2004.

"We received the news just a few days ago, and we were just thrilled", said Manny Z, the site's producer. "The site is barely four months old. This is very flattering and we're extremely proud. My team put an awful lot into the site and it's very gratifying to see that so many people are enjoying it. And to get the news just before the Fourth of July weekend, couldn't have been timed better! We're just getting warmed up!"

DVD's of the video from the site are being edited and will be ready for release some time in August. BRB Productions is gearing up for global distribution of its videos as well as other "Bottle Rocket Babes" merchandise. "The name is really becoming well known and there are a lot of people all over the world are enjoying watching these crazy bottle rocket launches," Manny added. "We'll keep them coming!"

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