NCOSE Goes All-In on Banning Adult Content Online With 2023 Target List

NCOSE Goes All-In on Banning Adult Content Online With 2023 Target List

WASHINGTON — Religiously inspired anti-porn lobby NCOSE this week released its latest annual “Dirty Dozen” list of companies it is currently targeting, focusing exclusively on online platforms.

Unlike the organization’s previous lists — which variously included hotel chains, government and military departments and even the entire state of Nevada — NCOSE’s 2023 target list signals the group’s doubling down on its single-minded campaign to eradicate or severely limit access to adult content online.

The 12 companies that NCOSE — formerly known as Morality in Media — is spotlighting as “dirty” in 2023 are: Apple’s App Store, Discord, eBay, Instagram, Kik, Microsoft’s GitHub, OnlyFans, Reddit, Roblox, Spotify and Twitter.

Identifying Instagram as “dirty” confirms NCOSE’s commitment to ensuring that the platform continues its policy of discrimination against sex workers and sexual content. As XBIZ reported, NCOSE has boasted of holding policy meetings with Instagram leadership, which Instagram parent company Meta has not denied.

The inclusion of Reddit and Twitter reinforces the group’s current core mission of forcing those two open platforms to ban all adult content — a goal NCOSE is also pursuing by including Apple’s App Store among this year’s “dirty” companies and lobbying it to pressure Reddit and Twitter to eliminate all adult content and sex worker accounts.

“Those on our 2023 Dirty Dozen List were included for facilitating a diverse set of sexual exploitation issues,” declared NCOSE’s Vice President and Director of Corporate Advocacy Lina Nealon while unveiling the group’s list on Instagram.

Nealon, who by her own admission spends time on Snapchat impersonating a 14-year-old girl for research purposes, also claimed that “sexual abuse and exploitation are on the rise and are facilitated by digital platforms.” She called for tech platforms to “stop their products from threatening the safety of children and enabling sexual abuse to happen to people of all ages.”

Religious News Sites Echo NCOSE's Target List

Religious news sites immediately picked up on and amplified NCOSE’s annual hit list. The Baptist Press asserted that the anti-porn group provided “documented examples directly captured from the tech sites and corroborating information supporting the accusations of sexual exploitation.”

Last month, NCOSE launched a new campaign to eradicate all adult content on Reddit. In an open letter, the group called for the platform to take action against “hardcore pornography and sexually explicit content.”

Founded in 1961 by clergy, NCOSE rebranded in 2015, adopting its current name, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation — but has maintained its media censorship focus, even recently labeling mainstream publications like Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan “hardcore pornography.”

NCOSE considers all sexually explicit content, regardless of consent, to be exploitative, likens it to trafficking and has denied the very possibility of consensual sex work.

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