VRConk Offers Premium Site for Affiliate Promo

VRConk Offers Premium Site for Affiliate Promo

LOS ANGELES — Premium adult virtual reality site VRConk.com is reaching out to affiliates in need of fresh content to promote.

According to the company, as affiliates continue to seek new marketable offers capable of converting porn surfers into paying customers, VR is heating up and sales volumes are rapidly gaining momentum.

“However,” says a company spokesperson, “the early adopters of VR porn are much more fickle than the ordinary adult entertainment voyeurs who prefer free tubes and other options that can’t be effectively monetized by affiliates.”

In response, VRConk is creating an opportunity for publishers and traffic providers through its VR site.

“When asking yourself if people do pay for porn, the answer becomes obvious if you just look at your own metrics,” Adam of VRConk explains. “Making money by sending clicks to sites that sell content which is generic or too similar to what is already freely available on the tubes is a losing proposition, but right now thanks to the competitive advantage of virtual reality and the fact that it can’t be found for free as easily online, your traffic could be earning you a lot more money if you work with us instead.”

VRConk features well-known porn stars and fresh faces alike in fully immersive 360-degree productions tailored for the most discerning fans. Each scene is carefully crafted and the site is updated every week to please fans and to maintain strong recurring sales for affiliates.

“Check Reddit and other impartial sources online for real information about VR porn fans,” Adam adds. “They aren’t the same 40-60-year-olds from the DVD era who buy paysites because they haven’t figured out how to use torrents — in fact, many are millennials who know free porn exists but want to pay for a premium user experience.”

“That means weak VR porn won’t sell, and only the kind of first-class virtual reality XXX action you find on VRConk is worth sending your traffic to today,” Adam concludes. “We can arrange custom payouts, promo materials or anything else serious affiliates need to be successful.”

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