CCBill Debuts Ideas Board to Foster Community Feedback

CCBill Debuts Ideas Board to Foster Community Feedback

TEMPE, Ariz. — Online payments provider CCBill announced today the launch of its new CCBill Ideas Board, where merchants, consumers, affiliates and partners can post, vote and collaborate on potential product features, account and service ideas.

The CCBill Ideas Board is intended to open up the conversation on what is important to CCBill users. The platform also is intended to empowers them to have a more influential role in future products.

“Our users are vast and include everyone from business professionals and marketers to developers and designers. Their diverse feedback has positively impacted the success of some of our most widely used features,” said Raymond Kelsey, CCBill’s director of brand management.

“There is a vault of good ideas out there and we believe our merchants, affiliates, partners and consumers have the best insight into what they need from their online payment service to be successful.”

The new CCBill Ideas Board is located within the CCBill Knowledge Base, where users can search, browse, and reference a wide portfolio of helpful CCBill product related articles.

With the addition of the CCBill Ideas Board, the CCBill community can now easily submit product recommendations related to a current CCBill product, or an entirely new product or service.

Once a user submits an idea to the board, the idea goes to the CCBill Product Team, which will review the idea to determine if it aligns with the CCBill product strategy. 

Updates, including whether an idea makes it to the fevelopment stage, are added throughout the product lifecycle to keep the community up to date on the Idea’s status.

In the past, CCBill has utilized direct user feedback to develop and release an assortment of successful products including payment methods, third-party integrations and CCBill Mobile Stats.

Kelsey said CCBill’s users are encouraged to visit the CCBill Knowledge Base to share their great product related idea with the Community, to comment and to vote on existing ideas on the new CCBill Ideas Board.