Evil Angel Uncovers Casting Scam; Fake Scout Allegedly Charged

Evil Angel Uncovers Casting Scam; Fake Scout Allegedly Charged

CYBERSPACE – Evil Angel has broken up a casting scam in the Texas area. A local man, Francisco Reveriano, is alleged to have misrepresented himself as a talent scout for the company.

As reported exclusively by TheBlast.com, Evil Angel’s CFO, Adam Grayson, was contacted by one of Reveriano’s alleged victims, a Dallas-area woman named Deana Ambry.

Grayson notes “he became aware over the summer that a person was using a fake Evil Angel email account, along with doctored contracts, to contact women on Facebook and ‘audition’ for a gig with the porn company. ‘I sent them an email threatening legal repercussions and was surprised when he emailed me back apologizing and saying he won’t do it again,’ Grayson explains, adding that he hoped the exchange would put an end to the scam.”

“Unfortunately, it was only a few days later when he became aware of similar scams apparently carried out by the same man using a new fake Evil Angel email address.”

Recently, a colleague put Grayson in touch with Embry. “Grayson and Embry then plotted to use a second meeting Embry had scheduled for two days later as an opportunity to catch him on camera,” writes TheBlast.

Grayson hired a local private investigator to set up cameras to record the meeting; another man was stationed inside Embry’s home to ensure her safety.

“Seconds after the man stepped foot inside the woman’s home, the P.I. burst through the door and began to interrogate him. Reveriano, noticeably scared, quickly admitted to his real identity and that he had misrepresented himself as an Evil Angel scout in an effort to trick women into having sex,” writes TheBlast.

“After roughly 10 minutes of questioning, Reveriano was allowed to go on his way, but given a stern warning to never attempt this scam again.” Embry filed a police report and, as reported by TheBlast, the Dallas Police Department cited Reveriano for misdemeanor assault.

“Because the sex with Embry was consensual, he was not charged with a sexual crime, but according to court records was cited for grabbing the victim’s (behind)."

“I just didn’t want him to do this to anyone else, it’s not fair,” Embry said. The case is under investigation.

Image source: TheBlast.com.