Cam Show Probe Likely to Yield Big Payday for Former Oregon Cop

Cam Show Probe Likely to Yield Big Payday for Former Oregon Cop

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to vote on a settlement Thursday that would pay $82,500 to a former Sheriff's Office lieutenant whose colleagues investigated his wife's cam shows.

Clackamas County Lt. Jeff Davis filed a lawsuit earlier this year after he was laid off from the Sheriff's Office, claiming that investigators focused on his wife's channel, tipped her using taxpayer dollars and commented under the handle "pinchharder.”

Sheriff's Office investigators allegedly generated thousands of screen shots from his wife's channel, interviewed about a dozen people and filed an estimated 1,100 pages of reports as part of their probe.

"They recorded hours and hours of her online activities as part of their investigation," Davis’ attorney, Dan Thenell, told the Oregonian earlier this year.

Davis maintained in the suit that the internal investigation to see if he was participating in his wife's site violated his free speech rights and inflicted emotional distress. Davis said that he never appeared on any cam site.

The proposed settlement agreement allows Davis, 50, to retire, making him eligible for retiree medical coverage.

His annual salary in 2016 was $139,646.