ManyVids Offers SpaceX Stress-Relief for Lunar Explorers

ManyVids Offers SpaceX Stress-Relief for Lunar Explorers

LOS ANGELES — Taking the notion of “the mile-high club” to new heights, ManyVids has reached out to commercial space travel pioneer SpaceX with a unique plan “to alleviate the alienation and isolation of space travel.”

According to the company, the world’s first space tourists aboard Elon Musk’s Space X program to the moon will face many daunting challenges as they prepare for their space flight.

“If you’re considering joining this [enviable] crew, you may already be aware of the anxiety and loneliness that often faces air travelers. The long hours devoid of human touch while sitting in silence can quickly add up in outer space,” says a company spokesperson. “Luckily, help is on its way.”

ManyVids CEO Bella French reveals that the company’s engineers have studied the technologies needed to provide low latency broadband access in space, and concluded they could make it work.

“Space is hard,” French says. “We’d like to make this fantastic voyage as pleasurable as possible for everyone and what better way to alleviate the stress and loneliness than with full access to the over half a million clips on the ManyVids platform, or to interact in real time with one of our 20,000 adult performers?”

Executives at ManyVids presented their preliminary ideas to SpaceX, explaining the company’s vision to provide the passengers, including Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and a group of eight artists aboard the maiden lunar voyage, with free and unlimited access to the ManyVids platform, providing every astral explorer with live, interactive entertainment with the adult performer of their choice.

One highlight of the plan is the ability to use the MV Live cam service to connect in real time for some much-needed contact with family and loved ones back on Earth, with ManyVids engineers collaborating with SpaceX engineers to ensure full service in time for lift-off.

French says the ManyVids Space Proposal is the first step in fostering tolerance and respect for sex workers as mankind seeks to populate Mars.

“By making ManyVids an integral part of space travel,” French concludes, “We can instill appreciation and respect for sex workers among astral explorers, thus creating a sex-positive new world for all.”

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