Treasure Island Unveiling Unseen Footage in 'L.U.S.T. Vol. 4'

Treasure Island Unveiling Unseen Footage in 'L.U.S.T. Vol. 4'

SAN FRANCISCO – Treasure Island Media (TIM) is touting the wholesale/retail and VOD release of “L.U.S.T. Vol. 4,” a nine-scene collection of previously unseen footage from the studio vaults.

The acronym in the title stands for “lost unreleased sex tapes” and includes footage featuring marquee star Dawson among the sprawling cast.

"Nine never-before-seen breedings are coming out of the TIM vaults for (our) membership base,” a rep said. “The latest installment of ‘L.U.S.T.’ showcases our favorite TIM studs from days past, including a bonus Dawson scene that we’ve never revealed to the public.”

TIM founder and director Paul Morris praised the footage. “ ‘L.U.S.T. scenes are special to me,” he said. “They’re absolute fucking gems from an era before fast-paced production cycles. Whether you’ve been a fan from the beginning or found my work recently, ‘L.U.S.T. Vol. 4’ is worth a good gooning.”

The large cast includes exclusives Derek Anthony, Calvin, Dawson, Damon Dogg, Ian Jay and Jerry Stearns. The featured studs include Andre Barclay, Tober Brandt, Ray Dalton, Mark Dixon, Kirby, Craig London, Mark Mann, Manny, Tor Matthews, Lucca Mazza, CJ Michaels, Danny Ortega, Luiz Pronto, Phoenix Sanchez, Seth, BJ Slater and Jason Tyler.

For a hardcore trailer, scene-by-scene breakdowns, photos and DVD details, click here. For VOD information, click here. Find TIM’s Twitter handle here.

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