Lovehoney to Debut Revamped Happy Rabbits at Sex Expo NY

Lovehoney to Debut Revamped Happy Rabbits at Sex Expo NY

LONDON — Pleasure products retailer Lovehoney will attend Sex Expo NY in Brooklyn later this month to introduce its revamped line of Happy Rabbit vibrators.

The company — which bills itself as “The Sexual Happiness People” — will also tub-thump a partnership with Dr. Nicole Prause of sexual biotechnology firm Liberos that studied “the effectiveness of the updated Happy Rabbit range,” a rep said. “Working with a range of female test subjects, Dr. Prause has been examining what exactly happens as women approach orgasm and how that approach changes when using a Lovehoney Happy Rabbit vibrator.”

Dr. Prause and British sexpert Annabelle Knight will present the findings during a Lovehoney-sponsored workshop at Sex Expo, where the new Happy Rabbit line will be unveiled.

"We know that the female orgasm is a difficult thing to measure,” Knight said. “So many factors come into play to achieve the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. However, this is an area that Dr. Prause has been studying extensively. Using bespoke, cutting-edge technology, she will be demonstrating how effective the Happy Rabbit range can be in helping women get to that elusive ‘o’ moment.”

"I am looking forward to working with her to reveal the study’s findings and showing Lovehoney’s extensive new range of Happy Rabbits to the audience at our workshop at Sex Expo.”

The Happy Rabbit redesign was influenced by customer reviews and feedback. “Lovehoney saw a gap in the market, based on customer reviews, which helped in decisions behind the design, material, function and power of the revamped Happy Rabbit,” the rep said.

Features include “two deliriously powerful motors” and a “worry-free” travel lock feature. The devices are waterproof and USB-rechargeable.

Lovehoney will present its workshop Saturday, Sept. 22, at 5 p.m. Find the company online and follow them on Twitter. Intrigued retailers should send a note to

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