AgeID, PortesCard Partner for Anonymous Age Verification

AgeID, PortesCard Partner for Anonymous Age Verification

LOS ANGELES — AgeID has announced an exclusive partnership with OCL and its Portes solution for providing anonymous face-to-face age verification plus workplace and child protection.

According to the company, the PortesCard is available to purchase from selected high street retailers and any of the U.K.’s 29,000 PayPoint outlets as a voucher. With 99 percent of the U.K. population living within one mile of a PayPoint outlet, the voucher is easily accessible for all consumers of legal age.

Each PortesCard will cost £4.99 (~$5.77) for use on a single device, or £8.99 (~$10.40) for use across multiple devices.

This latest development from AgeID comes ahead of impending regulation on adult content websites, due to be enforced under the Digital Economy Act 2017 and regulated by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

Once a card or voucher is purchased, its unique validation code must be activated via the Portes app within 24 hours before expiring. Once the user has been verified they will automatically be granted access to all adult sites using AgeID.

Crucially, no personal data is collected during the process of purchasing the PortesCard from the retailer, activating it through the app, or creating an AgeID account, for a completely anonymous age verification experience.

As an additional layer of protection, parents can quickly and simply block access on their children’s devices to sites using Portes, so PortesCards cannot be associated with AgeID.

“The anonymous nature of Portes fits perfectly into AgeID’s suite of age verification options, offering privacy and reassurance to consumers that their personal information cannot be revealed,” says AgeID Director of Communications James Clark. “The addition of OCL’s parental and fraud prevention controls puts their solution head and shoulders above the rest and gives parents peace of mind as we enter a new era of internet regulation in the U.K.”

“Our exclusive partnership with OCL continues AgeID’s commitment to privacy and security,” Clark adds, “and advances our vision to be the most robust age verification system available.”

OCL CEO Serge Acker says the company designed Portes to be a seamless, transactional platform that can verify agreements between different parties without the need to store any kind of personal data.

“With new legislation set to come into force soon, we have created a status verification solution that is seamless and elegant, with far-reaching child and workplace protection applications, ensuring that only properly verified parties can access adult materials, regardless of whether that’s visual media or social media,” Acker explains. “We are proud to partner with the market leader in age verification, AgeID, exclusively for the card’s use in providing age verification for adult themed sites.”

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