ModelCentro Offering 2-Step Verification

ModelCentro Offering 2-Step Verification

NEW YORK — ModelCentro is now offering greater security to users' accounts with a two-step verification process.

"Our team has worked to develop a measure that will help prevent unauthorized access to a user's account, even if a hacker obtains the password," the company said. "The new process is fast and simple, and will give user accounts an additional layer of protection."

With the new feature, users will be prompted to enter a unique verification code provided via SMS in addition to their password. The two-step verification will prevent unauthorized access to account, even if someone has the password. 

Here’s how it works, ModelCentro said:

  • Enter your phone number;
  • Click “send” to receive a verification code via SMS; and,
  • Enter the code to access your account.

“As always, we are here to help,” the company said. “This new function was designed with your safety in mind, but if you have any trouble accessing your account please contact our support team at”