Say It With A Condom Offers 'Space Force' Line

Say It With A Condom Offers 'Space Force' Line

LOS ANGELES — Say It With A Condom has announced the release of six limited edition “Space Force” inspired condoms, each emblazoned with one of the proposed insignia designs for America’s newest military branch.

According to the company, U.S. President Donald Trump’s Space Force isn’t intended to explore Uranus, but you can do that on your own with these condoms.

“When you’re looking to safely collude with Putin,” says a company spokesperson, “these ‘Space Force’ condoms will allow you to blast off when Mueller is on your tail.”

The spokesperson notes that with a goal of spreading dominance in space, not STDs, Say It With A Condom’s new limited edition “Space Force” condoms are perfect “for the next time you get sucked into a black hole; when you want to show someone the milky way; [or for safely] exploring new worlds and uncharted territory.”

The company intends to donate a portion of all profits from “Space Force” condoms to the Carl Sagan Institute.

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