xHamster Searches for 'Omarosa' Skyrocket

xHamster Searches for 'Omarosa' Skyrocket

LOS ANGELES — Omarosa Manigault-Newman has the tapes on the Trump Administration, and it's causing porn viewers to wonder if the powerful political MILF might have some revealing tapes of her own, xHamster researchers said.

The researchers checked the data and saw a more than 900-percent increase in xHamster searches for “Omarosa” by this morning, with traffic skyrocketing as more revelations come out.

Manigualt-Newman, best known as Omarosa, is former political aide who is best known for her appearances as a contestant on reality TV shows. She was fired from her job as director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison by Presidnet Trump's chief of staff John Kelly last December. Now, she has levied an attack on the president, who hasn't sat still about her words.

"This goes to show that powerful women will always hold sway over men," said Alex Hawkins,  xHamster’s vice president.

"Omarosa has become the political equivalent of a Domme. Holding potential blackmail content over a powerful man's head, threatening to expose him, involving his wife — these are all incredibly powerful sexual tropes that play out all the time in cams, private sessions and dominatrix videos. 

“It's no wonder that a certain sector of the population is incredibly turned on by this. And, of course, if Omarosa is taping all these people without their knowledge, could there be video evidence at well? She's not an unattractive woman. If she were to leave the swamp, she'd could have an incredible career in dungeons, and probably interact with many of the same people!"