Cam Starlet Alice Funker Featured on 'Wholesome Addiction' Podcast

CYBERSPACE — Cam performer Alice Funker is the featured guest on the "Wholesome Addiction" podcast, which has a focus on the adult industry.

Funker anchors episode No. 309, now streaming. The podcast hosts have dubbed the starlet “the most adorable cam girl in the world,” a rep said.

During her interview, she owns up to “streaking while on cam, getting whipped upside-down and the struggles of camming as a super-tall woman.”

She admits she loves gaming and video editing and reveals the details of her appearance for MyFreeCams at Chicago Exxxotica earlier this summer. “Funker gives a sweet take on how much she enjoys being in the porn industry and how much the sex industry has changed her life for the positive in the last year,” the rep said.

Cohost The Operator described Funker as “a fucking unicorn” given her “flawless physique, she is a gamer girl and she’s into porn!”

The "Wholesome Addiction" podcast “takes an unabashed look at what is dirty, awesome, strange and what some find shameful and bring it to light,” the rep said. “They are unapologetic about their love for the taboo and choose to celebrate it.”

Download episode No. 309 of the podcast here and find their Twitter handle here.

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