SexLikeReal Uncovers PSVR Hack for Vastly Enhanced Video

SexLikeReal Uncovers PSVR Hack for Vastly Enhanced Video

LOS ANGELES — has announced its uncovering of a hack that allows Sony’s PSVR headset to display vastly enhanced virtual reality video.

According to the company, the PSVR was thought to lag behind its rivals when it comes to immersive VR, with a maximum resolution of 2560 pixels at 30 fps when using the Littlstar app.  

“All the video content was encoded that way up until now,” says SexLikeReal Head of Marketing Gallina James. “However, it was recently discovered that PSVR is actually capable of much higher resolution — making VR videos a much more immersive experience.”

By testing all possible resolutions, SexLikeReal identified the specs that deliver the best performance using the PS4 and PS4 Pro. As a result, PS4 Pro users are now capable of viewing videos in 4080x2040 resolution at 60 fps, while users of the PS4 can enjoy VR videos in 3200x1600 resolution at 60 fps.

Several hundred enhanced PSVR videos are now available from SexLikeReal, with its entire library of 5,000 videos currently being transcoded to the upgraded specs. 

“This is a huge news for PSVR users,” James adds, “who now get to enjoy far better video quality and a vastly increased sense of immersion.”

James notes that up to now, the Littlstar app has been the only way to watch VR videos when using PSVR for the PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro. Videos have been restricted to a maximum width of 2,560 pixels — far less than the 5,000-plus pixels of current VR porn videos, which is becoming standard on other VR platforms — and most content producers have been providing PSVR porn content with a width of only 1,600 pixels at 60 fps.

“We at SexLikeReal have investigated and discovered that the PSVR (which is used by 12 percent of our users) is, in fact, capable of much higher specs than previously thought,” SexLikeReal CEO Alex Novak explains, “allowing users far better video quality and a vastly increased sense of immersion.”

Novak says the company has also encountered an audio and video synchronization issue that affects the playback of many videos when using the Littlstar app.

“We identified an inconsistency of a few milliseconds between the audio and video footage, which causes the VR video to become laggy on playback, especially when using the seek option. This results in jittering or superfast playback effects,” Novak explains, noting the issue has been submitted to Littlstar. “In fact, they had to check through all the metadata to offset any time discrepancies to ensure all 5,000 VR porn videos are suitable for PSVR.”

Novak says PlayStation is known for having a very closed software ecosystem, with the PSVR being the latest VR headset that porn has made its way to via the Littlstar app — the only video player available on the PlayStation platform.

“PSVR, along with the iPhone, is one of the two VR platforms where one of the most popular VR apps, SLR (with over 600,000 downloads), is not available,” Novak laments. “The lack of access to this sophisticated and useful adult software makes PSVR far less likely to become the VR headset of choice, despite having specs that are competitive with industry leaders Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pro.”

Novak notes that ironically for a gaming platform when it comes to adult VR games the situation is even worse as there are around 100 adult games on the GameVirt website for Rift and Vive but not a single one works on the PSVR. 

“Hopefully the next generation of PlayStation will be able to support more advanced video codecs than the currently supported h.264, which is limited to 4K videos only,” Novak says. “In addition, the current PS browser is not compatible with WebVR videos which would allow seamless streaming from any website.”

“Even with these limitations, PSVR users can still enjoy decent quality VR porn videos via the SexLikeReal website,” Novak concludes. “Looking to the future, however, the platform’s restrictions will not be enough to keep up with the constantly improving video specifications, which have already reached 6K 90 fps from some of the more progressive studios.”

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