Jopen Debuts Pavé Collection at ANME

Jopen Debuts Pavé Collection at ANME

LOS ANGELES — Jopen has announced it had a successful ANME, which was held this past week in Burbank, Calif.

Jopen introduced Pavé, a new collection of five luxurious massagers. According to the company, the collection “exudes ‘Old Hollywood’ glamour with silky smooth products named after iconic women and adorned with beautiful diamond-like settings.”

“With their beautiful color and amazing power, Liz, Grace, Diana, Vivian and Marilyn were the queens of the show,” a spokesperson said. To view the collection, click here.

Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of Jopen, said, “Our customers were blown away by the beauty of this collection. They compared the color and diamond-like accents to that of an iconic jeweler. It is truly a compliment that customers equate our product with that same luxury and class.” 

Pavé’s elegance and sparkle makes it the perfect collection for the holiday season,” said Jackie White, executive vice president of Jopen. “Customers who got the first look at the collection commented that it was ‘the’ gift for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love a gift with a little sparkle?”

Jopen also debuted a custom display for the collection. The opulent display with glass accents highlighted the beauty of the collection and made the products shine.

“Customers also loved the Pavé display, they thought it was one of the best displays they had ever seen," White added.

In addition to the new collection, Jopen also released its 2018 catalog. For more information, visit