JustFor.Fans Reports Strong Growth

JustFor.Fans Reports Strong Growth

LOS ANGELES — Fan platform JustFor.Fans (JFF) is reporting strong growth with more than 60,000 subscribers following more than 1,300 models.

According to the company in its first five months, JustFor.Fans has established itself as a player in the “fan platform” space.

“With its unmatched customer service and robust feature set, JustFor.Fans has set itself apart from its competitors,” Owner Dominic Ford explains. “Models can sell monthly subscriptions to their streaming video feeds, sell downloadable movies, sell physical products in the JFF store, and even send/receive private texts with their fans.”

Ford says JFF has already paid out $500,000 to participating performers.

“My dream for the last 10 years has been to provide models with a more stable recurring income,” Ford reveals. “It is beyond my wildest expectations that we have been able to pay models so much money this early on.”

“My next big project is to try and provide affordable health care for my models. I am working with underwriters and the FSC to try and make this happen as soon as possible,” Ford adds. “JustFor.Fans supports not just models, but also studios, affiliates, and agents.”

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