VR Bangers Offers VRB Cash Affiliate Program

VR Bangers Offers VRB Cash Affiliate Program

LOS ANGELES — VR Bangers has announced the launch of its virtual reality affiliate program, VRB Cash, offering customized links, in-depth statistics, full support of postbacks and geo-targeted promo materials including landing pages.

“Even though you could have become an affiliate of VR Bangers in the past, it has never been as easy and convenient as it is now,” says VR Bangers’ CEO Daniel Abramovich. “Since our partners kept on asking for some new features, we have been working on such solutions for quite a while — and now it finally is available! The long-awaited VR Bangers’ platform is a huge game changer for all our affiliates, successfully making it even more straightforward to earn money for both them and us.”

Abramovich says VRB Cash offers many useful features and is one of the most comprehensive systems in the adult VR market, with a clean and intuitive design, support of affiliate tiers to reward partners, convenient tracking links, embed and pop link codes, and it allows users to track their current conversion rates.

“We have been working on our platform [with the] sweat of our brows so it could offer one of the best services out there,” says VR Bangers’ CTO Boris Smirnoff. “Now, when the platform is finally live, our affiliates do have access to one of the most all-inclusive systems in the business with tons of features and quality of life improvements for their satisfaction.”

Smirnoff says VRB Cash offers one of the best conversion rates in the business thanks to factors such as a huge differentiation in content, with gay and transsexual sites, top-rated porn stars, a variety of payment methods, and new VR technologies implemented by the studio, such as 6K UHD resolution and 3D 360° VR, the VR Bangers app, a VR porn game, plus weekly updates and more.

“To be honest, we pretty much thought about every feature possible to make it all easy to use and user-friendly for our affiliates,” Smirnoff adds. “For example, as opposed to the Epoch system, now we offer a bunch of new options like sending the customers of our partners to literally any landing page on our website — e.g. Porn stars, scenes, the app page and others — email notifications about your sales drop, new scenes’ releases and more. Our team has thought about it all and with some great advice from our family at TrafficPartner, I honestly believe that we have managed to make it perfect.”

Smirnoff points to the company’s achievements, innovation, and proprietary technologies as boosting its position as an industry leader and providing value for its new program.

“If you have joined the VR Bangers’ Epoch affiliate platform in the past,” Smirnoff concludes, “make sure to switch to VRB Cash as soon as possible to allow [us] to more accurately track your sales and start cooperating with you more efficiently than ever before.”

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