PlugRush Offers WebViews Traffic Targeting

PlugRush Offers WebViews Traffic Targeting

LOS ANGELES — PlugRush has announced the addition of WebViews as a new mobile traffic targeting option.

According to PlugRush Head of Sales Alexandra Praisler, it doesn’t matter if you’re an advertiser, media buyer, publisher or run a traffic network — if you are dealing with web traffic in any form, you probably know about WebViews by now.

“A WebView browser implementation is a browser built into a mobile app,” Praisler explains. “This allows app developers to easily integrate a browser into the apps they build, something that would otherwise be quite difficult to accomplish, and thus utilize web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS in their mobile apps.”

Praisler says PlugRush never stops working to provide what is best for its users.

“We are a very dedicated team whose number one priority is offering the best targeting options, great detailed stats and the best optimization tools to all our partners,” Praisler adds, “and we find WebViews important enough to let our advertisers target them.”

For those wondering if they should target WebView, Praisler says “it depends.”

“If you’re looking to get the most out of your money and the highest amount of traffic possible for a certain targeting, you should likely, at a minimum, include a split-test campaign where you allow (or even specifically target) WebViews,” Praisler concludes. “Many offers can convert with mobile app traffic. If you however see a performance drop for some offers when allowing WebViews, in those cases it definitely makes sense to disallow it, just like anything else that’s dragging down your ROI.”

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