MenAtPlay Snags Dario Beck Comeback in 'Final Touches'

CYBERSPACE — MenAtPlay is touting the return of skin stud Dario Beck to adult in a new vignette opposite Jean Franko. The studio is also tub-thumping “The Londoner” featuring Gabriel Phoenix and Pietro Duarte.

MenAtPlay focuses on studs putting on, and stripping off, luxury business attire and accoutrements.

In “Final Touches,” Beck is late for an important meeting thanks to Franko’s tardiness. However, “surreptitiously watching Franko get suited up is much more fun,” notes an affiliate rep.

“As Beck helps Franko with his tie, they both know that neither of them has any intentions of making the meeting.”

“Blonds are few-and-far-between these days” on the site, the rep said. Flaxen-haired, blue-eyed Brit Gabriel Phoenix was cast in “The Londoner” to bring up the curve.

“Like (many) English guys, he can seem a little reserved. But when Pietro Duarte returns Gabriel’s lost phone, the opportunity arises to savor the local talent.”

The flip-fuck action includes Duarte face-fucking “the stiff upper lip out of this peacock of a businessman.”

A preview for “Final Touches” is available here.

Watch a trailer for “The Londoner” here.

Other recent MenAtPlay matchups include “Submit” with Max Duro and Jonas Jackson, and “Move It” featuring Diego Reyes and Apolo Fire.

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