Supreme X Teases VR Romp 'Big Dick Energy'

Supreme X Teases VR Romp 'Big Dick Energy'

MIAMI — All-male label Supreme X Entertainment has wrapped production on softcore skinflick “Big Dick Energy 360°,” which it describes as “the first urban adult virtual reality experience.”

The film features King Shaka with his real-life partner, A-1.

“Our goal was to capture strong chemistry, masculinity, passion and sex appeal, and to take intimacy to a new level without penetration or hardcore sex,” said a studio rep.

“Our models delivered just that in a virtual reality experience that is trailblazing, exclusive and in its own lane. 360-degree virtual reality film is the beginning of a whole new chapter. Being immersed in urban adult content is going to rock your world.”

“With virtual reality headsets, our fans become part of the action for an out-of-this-world experience.”

The rep notes King Shaka has “the coolest energy and sex appeal. He is a ton of fun to work with and A-1 is a chiseled, classic breath of fresh air. Both men are packing tools that fans, male and female, are going to crave and fantasize about.”

“Their performances are purely organic, unrehearsed and a testament to real-life black love. It brings everything to an exciting, new level.”

“Big Dick Energy” will also be released in standard HD video, “minus a couple of experiences exclusive to virtual reality, but just as sexually mesmerizing.”

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