CrakRevenue Adds PayPal Payments

CrakRevenue Adds PayPal Payments

LOS ANGELES — CrakRevenue has announced its addition of PayPal as a payment option for select affiliates.

“Many of you expressed the desire to see additional payment options at CrakRevenue,” a company spokesperson reveals. “Your requests haven’t fallen on deaf ears: we are happy to announce that PayPal is now available for our affiliates located in Canada and the U.S.”

According to the company, launched nearly two decades ago, PayPal today remains one of the most trusted and important online payment systems for consumers and businesses alike, offering convenience, flexibility, and inexpensive transactions.  

“PayPal makes it simple to process online purchases. Instead of filling out payment information for each transaction, users only need to log into their PayPal account and the data is transmitted automatically,” the spokesperson explains. “PayPal accounts allow the use of multiple payment methods using a single online wallet. For instance, you could fund your wallet by withdrawing from your bank or a credit card. This also means transactions are always approved because PayPal will look for funds after you’ve made a purchase — no more declined transactions!”

Sending money via PayPal is free, with sellers paying a fee of 2.9 percent plus 30¢ per transaction within their country (or 4.4 percent for international sales).

“There are an estimated 237 million registered accounts on PayPal, making it the leader of online transactions and topping out the list of most trusted mobile payments brands. For businesses, this means being able to reach a lot more customers and offering said, customers, a simple way to pay for goods and services,” the spokesperson adds. “PayPal is available in 202 countries and 25 currencies worldwide as of now. Customers have access to a fast [and] reliable service without having to convert their currency — which is a big plus.”

Canadian and U.S.-based CrakRevenue affiliates can easily make the switch to PayPal payouts by logging in to the dashboard, clicking “Profile” and then “Billing Information” on the menu, then selecting “PayPal” under “Payment Method.”

“As usual, keep in mind that all billing information configurations [and] any modifications must be made at least five days before the end of the period otherwise any due payment will be automatically postponed to the next payment period,” the spokesperson concludes, noting that “PayPal payments from CrakRevenue will be subject to a fixed five percent transaction fee and $100 minimum payout.”

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