Camming Firefighters Feeling Heat Over 3rd-Party Uploaded Content

Camming Firefighters Feeling Heat Over 3rd-Party Uploaded Content

AKRON, Ohio — An attorney for two romantically involved Akron firefighters who are on paid leave after they were accused of shooting porn at a fire station said today that the couple never recorded adult content but did partake in “private, explicit live streams.”

The live-streamed content from “Firecouple11,” however, was recorded from a well-known adult cam site and made its way to the usual locations where users upload erotic material, attorney Brian Pierce told FOX19 today.

The male and female firefighters — whose first names are Art and Deann — face dismissal or other discipline.

Yesterday, Fire Chief Clarence Tucker announced his decision to suspend Art and Deann, whose Firecouple11 handle offers numerous search results for video content.

The couple do not work in the same fire station; however, they are investigation under the city’s anti-fraternizing rule, Tucker said. They are both 18-year veterans of the fire department.

Tucker inferred that some of the erotic material may have taken place on city property. Many of the videos found online take place in a gym.

Pierce noted the couple is not embarrassed by the content shot for the cam site.