Öivita ÖRing+ Reveals New Frontiers in Intimate Fitness

Öivita ÖRing+ Reveals New Frontiers in Intimate Fitness

LOS ANGELES — Oivita Creative Co. has announced the debut of the ÖRing+, which it calls “a brand-new revolution in the way that active people can track their activities while at the same time enjoying themselves.”

According to the company, in the vein of similar devices such as Fitbit and Vivomove, the ÖRing+ tracks heart rate, performance, calories burned and several other factors that help users keep track of their overall health and has its own unique way of tracking SpO2.

“But there’s a twist,” explains a company spokesperson. “ÖRing+ isn’t for your wrist.”

The spokesperson says the device is intended for the more intimate moments of exercise shared alone, as a couple, “or however it is you may desire to get in that workout you’ve been trying to make time for.”

“Fit for both male and female users,” the spokesperson says, “its one-of-a-kind design is the first in the world to introduce reflex oximetry SpO2 monitoring to the commercial market, allowing for a more accurate reading than the typical transmittance models found in competing products.”

Bluetooth compatible, the ÖRing+ syncs with the Öivita app. Through the app users can not only count calories and monitor essential fitness goalposts, but also amp up the fun with control over the vibration of the ring through their smartphone or watch. In total, the ÖRing+ monitors stamina, heart rate, SpO2, and thrust count. It also connects to the Apple Health app. In addition, the ÖRing+ will last up to four hours on one wireless charge, is waterproof and has five built-in vibration settings that can be adjusted.

The company notes that the device allows users to monitor heart rate variability during their intimate sessions, playing on algorithms not unlike other fitness trackers, but fitting the needs of the product’s specific audience.

“In scientific circles, sexual activity is constantly talked about as being one of the best exercises human beings can do to contribute to overall heart health. Öivita’s goal is to bring this knowledge to the forefront of overall wellness awareness,” the spokesperson concludes. “We all do it. Why not make it an integral part of our daily fitness routine?”

The ÖRing+ intelligent wearable device is available through Kickstarter.