ClickDirectPay Integrates With Leading Shopping Carts

ClickDirectPay Integrates With Leading Shopping Carts

MIAMI — Fintech holding company GH Capital Inc. has announced that its online payment service subsidiary, ClickDirectPay, has rolled-out new tools allowing online merchants to more easily and quickly accept cryptocurrency as payment.

According to the company, cryptocurrency represents a new way for businesses to accept customer payments from anywhere around the globe, but as it is relatively new, many businesses are still trying to better understand this new form of currency.

Bane Katic, head of ClickDirectPay Europe, says the goal of the company is to drive the utility aspects of cryptocurrencies into everyday businesses by providing easy ways to accept digital coin payments, and as such, ClickDirectPay is launching new tools for merchants to easily begin accepting cryptocurrencies through the top three shopping carts. 

Those shopping carts include WooCommerce, with 2.2 million active sites; OpenCart, with 300,000 active sites; and Magento, with 180,000 active sites.

The majority of businesses looking to set up an e-commerce store tend to integrate with payment plugins in order to ease the integration process so it made sense for ClickDirectPay to offer these shopping cart plugins as many of them are an all-in-one solution from inventory management to collecting payments.

“We’ve heard a number of merchants asking how to begin accepting cryptocurrencies,” Katic explains. “We hope that by providing the most popular shopping carts, this will enable merchants to streamline the integration process and allow businesses to immediately accept payments in cryptocurrencies.”

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