Bianca Nascimiento Featured in TS Virtual Lovers' 'Couch Surfer Part I'

Bianca Nascimiento Featured in TS Virtual Lovers' 'Couch Surfer Part I'

LOS ANGELES — TS Virtual Lovers has announced the release of “Couch Surfer Part I,” featuring TS adult actress Bianca Nascimiento in a production that prides itself on its unique style of filming.

According to the studio, in “Couch Surfer I,” Bianca crashes on a couch in a pad occupied by two buddies. Not only does she get the couch, she also wants a night full of passionate sex to go with it. The lucky host can hardly contain himself as he becomes an object of Bianca’s desire. Her voracious appetite can hardly be quelled as the unbridled lovemaking moves from the couch to other places throughout the apartment. The pleasure is mutual, served up with great passion by this sexually distinguished guest.

Bianca Nascimiento is an accomplished TS adult actress born in Brazil in 1985. Currently, she lives in Dublin, Ireland, and is active in projects worldwide. She has piercing blue eyes and beautiful auburn hair that complements her slender figure. In her own words, she loves games of seduction and sexuality and can be very naughty and passionate about everything she does.

“VR audiences can look forward to one-of-a-kind couchsurfing adult adventure with lots of variety and sexual energy to captivate and arouse,” says a studio spokesperson. “In fact, there was so much great chemistry on the set that the TS Virtual Lovers crew and Bianca agreed to a sequel titled — you guessed it — ‘Couch Surfer Part II.’”

In the sequel, fans are invited back for more of a good thing.

“We experience Bianca as she sets her sights on the second roommate who got the word from his bud, and he can’t wait for Bianca to have her way with him too,” the spokesperson adds. “In hindsight, there is one important thing we need to know about Miss Nascimiento: one of her rules is ‘don’t do the same guy twice on the couch, it’s bad luck!’”

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