New York MTA Gives Thumbs Up to Sex Toy Ads

New York MTA Gives Thumbs Up to Sex Toy Ads

NEW YORK — New York's MTA recently banned subway ads for a line of female sex toys but, after online cajoling, reversed its decision.

Unbound, a sex toy company, initially protested the ban with an Instagram post. In the post, Unbound said that the MTA was denying women's sexuality equal access to public forums, despite allowing for erectile dysfunction ads to be placed in subway cars. 

Unbound's followers spread the word around — and they did so with a fever pitch.

Following backlash on social media, the MTA said that it directed its advertising partner to “work with the company toward a resolution that is agreeable to all parties and allows their ads on the system.”

Incidentally, MTA guidelines prohibit “dissemination of indecent material to minors” and “public display of offensive sexual material.”

Unbound CEO and co-founder Polly Rodriguez told the New York Times she is looking forward to working with the MTA on the ads, but ideally would like a policy change “so they don’t continue to champion erectile dysfunction and discriminate against products that cater to different genders and sexualities.”