iVibe Vibrating Massage App Launching Sponsor Takeover

CYBERSPACE — The iVibe vibrating massage app is launching an advertising sponsorship program.

The free app, “by far the number one downloaded app of its kind in the App Store,” a rep explained, has a monthly active user base of 50,000 people and over three million total downloads.

iVibe has been translated into 10 languages and has 10 different vibration settings available in the Good Vibes extension pack.

The company plans to capitalize on its “ability to corner the market with native keyword search terms” with a new proprietary ad service. Coming in June, the sponsored app takeover offers advertisers a way to get full-page ads in front of iVibe users for 30 days or longer.

iVibe is also available on Android as Vibrating Massager: G Vibe. Find more information here or contact an ad rep via email.