Womanizer Holds B2B Event 'The Future Is Wow'

Womanizer Holds B2B Event 'The Future Is Wow'

BERLIN — Womanizer held its “The Future is Wow” event in Berlin May 3-4, gathering with partners, wholesalers, retailers and press from 18 countries.

The event was attended by German actress Annabelle Mandeng and Womanizer inventor Michael Lenke, and it featured a keynote speech by Alix Fox as well as an evening riverboat tour.

During the event, Womanizer Sales Director Thuve Breman revealed the company’s Womanizer Classic and Womanizer Premium products, which will both be available in stores at the end of June.

Fox, a journalist, sex educator and podcaster, said, "Technology should be developed intelligently and primarily for the human benefit. This is exactly the case with Womanizer – here, technology is used in such a way that the human needs are in the foreground.”

Participants spent Friday in several workshops on public relations and how to boost your business.In the afternoon, the participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with experts from the Womanizer team.