Tana Lea Co-Directs, Stars in 'Kidnap Me'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult performer Tana Lea has co-directed, produced and performed in a new release, “Kidnap Me.” 

“’Kidnap Me’ is the inner thoughts of my twisted persona,” Lea said. “I play myself and I use past experiences mixed with rumors I heard in high school or whatever was going on in my head and heart and put that into ‘Kidnap Me.’ Once it was edited and put in a final copy I knew that was just the beginning. I'm working alongside a great director Xander_porn to create a dark, late-night series. Short episodes of some kinda weird shit that has the best sex scenes of mine you will ever see. I'm so happy and proud of this and know that it's literally just the start of something really fucking rad. “ 

Find “Kidnap Me” on Pornhub for free.

Lea has also been creating content for her re-launched YouTube channel, with videos like “We Ate Mushrooms at Disney” and “Watching My Own Porn.”

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