ImLive Issues Statement on Its Reaction to Choice Bank News

ImLive Issues Statement on Its Reaction to Choice Bank News

CYBERSPACE — ImLive today issued a statement describing its prompt reaction in a time of crisis after Choice Bank Ltd. suspended withdrawals from deposit accounts earlier this month.

In the statement, ImLive said that its leadership team and support center were placed in all-hands-on-deck positions as the cams company attempted to deal with the massive amount of inquiries. Meanwhile, the company also raced against time to find new payment solutions for clients.

ImLive said the following today:

ImLive has always placed efficient and prompt payment at the forefront of it priorities.

This can be clearly seen in its reaction to the recent news that Choice Bank had been forced to withdraw its services to some of the industry’s biggest players including FirstChoice Pay, ImLive’s biggest payment provider.

The news, first reported by on Monday, April 9, left many companies without any means to process bulk payments to hosts, studios and affiliates just six days before payment.

ImLive reacted to the news by securing services that offered a continuation of payments by Payoneer’s global bank transfer system. And many of ImLive’s users were able to instantly swap to other payment methods already in place such as Paxum and wire transfer with no disruption at all.

Inside the support center, all hands were placed on deck with extra staff on hand to cope with the extreme number of inquiries.

In true ImLive style, many staff volunteered to cover shifts to help with the situation, some giving up holiday time and days off.

Managerial staff worked through 14-hour shifts to help bring new payment methods to numerous clients, with product teams in a race against time to integrate them into the ImLive network host, studio and PussyCash affiliate pages.

As you can well imagine, to reorganize payment solutions for the tens of thousands of hosts and affiliates is a huge task, and the work needed to service this change was a mammoth task over the past two weeks and will continue into the weeks ahead.

It is with great pride that the company can announce that the majority of its users were able to take advantage of the hard work and received their payments on time.

Those who did not manage to get accounts approved in time for the end of the pay period were offered an extra pay date on the 23rd so that they did not have to wait another two weeks.

For the next payment on May 1, ImLive will be introducing several new payment methods to bolster an already-strong offering, including the addition of ePayService, with a great range of payment types and the return of check payments to our U.S. clients. In coming weeks, ePayServices will be accompanied by another two, CosmoPayments and EPayments.

Imlive believes that with all of these options in place, the company will truly offer the most diverse range of payments in the market and be able to reduce the impact of any future such event to almost zero.

For more information on ImLive payment options please feel free to contact its customer service team at